The Working Man: Lizard Fingers Video Premiere

The Working Man: Lizard Fingers Video Premiere


Scum Gentry Staff

The Working Man—without a doubt one of the most unique, boisterous and simply balls-out entertaining rock outfits to come out of the UK in recent years—returns with yet another demented video escapade, available exclusively today this 19th of October 2017, and following the election-themed “Look at this Tory Cunt” earlier this year.

Both heavy and melodious, with a suitably deranged keyboard lead that sounds like something that might have been first worked out on the sanitarium “therapy” xylophone—before edging seamlessly into a more old-school heavy metal guitar rendition—“Lizard Fingers” is a delightfully in-your-face, ska-tinged hard rock bruiser with an off-kilter, paranoid feel that fits perfectly with the song’s conspiracy-themed subject matter.

Ostensibly concerning drab daytime TV presenter Paul Schofield’s secret life as a dastardly-bastard boss of the Illuminati, codenamed the eponymous “Lizard Fingers”—or at the very least about the subject of the song’s Alex Jones -inspired belief in that somewhat unlikely version of Schofield—“Lizard Fingers” sees our favourite northern lunatics don costumes once again and let loose for this electrifying video directed by Chalkman Videos.

Fans of the band will recognize old favourite characters at play here, such as “Terrifyingly-Ugly Baby-Man” and “Green-Face Serial Killer” (my names) as well as newcomers “Lizard Head” (or is that Paul Schofield AKA Lizard Fingers in his true form?) and “Robotic TV Man”. If you’re at all familiar with the Working Man you’ll know how much they relish the chance to dress up and go wild for the crowds or the cameras. These lads are all about performance, with an in-person presence that’s every bit as hilarious and brilliant as the songs themselves, and they’re clearly in top form here too—enjoying themselves plenty—and it shows.

Click the video below to watch “Lizard Fingers” by the Working Man now!

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