Tongue Bundle Peppery Talk – Album Review

Tongue Bundle Peppery Talk – Album Review


Robert Mulhern

Now, as I am a man on the internet who likes and writes about music, I must have some sort of licence to talk about music……….yes? Of course I fucking do. I went to MIT and studied “objective taste”, a scientifically programmed PHD course which allows me to pass judgement on anything I see fit. I am an expert on everything from wine to music, I’m not just a musician on the internet with millions of opinions just like everyone else in this field. So you should just take my word as gospel. Before I start, I must state that music journalism is an exact science and that everything I say must be correct regardless of my personal musical taste and background. My opinions, and those of my Ivy League education circle, are not just A metric for basing your decisions upon but are THEE fucking metric—so get your fucking notebooks out, you lesser scumfucks.

Tongue Bundle are not just A fucking band—Tongue Bundle are THEE fucking band so if you thought you liked bands before then you were full of shit and have absolutely no idea what you are fucking talking about. If you thought you were just about to listen to an album then you were wrong. You are about to be plonked smack bang in the middle of an atomic collision between the scattiness of Aphex Twin/Squarepusher and the daring of Primus. These boys are defying the laws of tradition in a way that Primus would themselves have, had they debuted in this era. If your favorite meme is “Harambe”, your favorite film “Fight Club” or your favorite album “Yeezus” then it’s probably time you fucked off back to your football match screening in the pub and stopped reading this.

Don’t forget to order a Carling!

From the first track you will find that Tongue Bundle are obsessed with men—from songs about loved ones called “James” to lovers called “Bobby”, to a song called “Ballbag” (named after a male part of the human anatomy). Topping this anti-feminist hysteria off is a song called “Nice Dick”, seemingly complimenting either a nice penis or a nice man named Richard. All signs point the same direction: Tongue Bundle loves men.

Because you are an autonomous human being and have access to things like links (which are actually included in this article) you can actually listen to this album yourself, completely ignore everything I am saying, and make your own judgements. Because of this I am just going to talk about the tracks that really sizzled my pan the most.

Here’s the album if ye wish ta just listen to it.


Opener “Bobby” takes us down a demented route of diminished synths, awkward breaks, glitches and ambiguous samples of men and women (or just women being pitched up and down) talking about sex—from what I can discern, “when’s the last time we fucked” being the only sentence in this track that can be made out. Awkward jazz beats give this 0 accessibility points but 10 dank meme points instantly. The accompanying video is absolutely fucking batshit as well, so g’wan check that out as well for fucks sakes, what the heck is wrong wae ye!?

The spiciest track on this album has to be the second track “Paprika Speak”, this is also the goodest track on this album IMO. There is great use of the normal instruments that plebs use on this one. The one you mortals call the “bass guitar” is very prominent here and has some tonality reminiscent of Les Claypool’s 2006 solo album “Of Whales and Woe”. As far as hip hop goes, this track would make Death Grips look over in their direction in the pub with inviting “Come to bed” eyes. This is the best hip hop track to come out of Ireland, I said it so it is true.

“James” is a fucking masterpiece—from the introductory bassline you know that you are about to be gettin yer duck walk on down on the dancefloor. This track is loaded with haunted eighties “Thriller” synths accompanied with drum samples that wouldn’t be out of place in the “Ghostbusters” theme song, with a demented <insert primus reference here>. You will be amazed with the results.

“No Plans Bastard” is a post dubstep/IDM bastard that sounds like it was planned. Planned chaos but planned nonetheless, which leads me to believe that they do have plans and are in fact lying bastards with their smug/misleading title. Absolutely magnificent percussion and rhythms take you off on a trip through the neural pathways that will get ya clean off yer chakras. This track comes with an accompanying video including another track from this album “Now That Album’s Funny” which is a better experience because there is a video too.

“Christmas Is Ruined” for its title alone is an absolute winner. With distorted breaks, out of tune bass, random piercing percussion samples, a shaker that sounds like it was recorded outside of the song, atonal guitars, and pitched brass samples—this track has everything. And then the vocals come in and bring it up a 100 feet above the Twin Towers to a maximum of 100 feet.

Conclusion? Best thing I’ve heard in years.

With some of the most intricate instrumentation, daring experimentation and such a vehement command of music in general they’re to the fore in every way possible.

From making real use of electronic music platforms, presumably software/hardware and blending it so seamlessly with “Organic” instruments I can only think of one other contender on the Irish scene and that would be Meltybrains?

In a fucked world where everything is fuckin falling apart, this album is the perfect soundtrack in every way. Tongue Bundle has a great lyrical command of the aul english language that would almost take you down “Limmy” territory in terms of what it depicts. With lines like “I have to piss therefore I am” you have to wonder how little they think of general human interactions—are they really THAT depressed or are they just taking the pure piss like? Fuck you Nietzsche, Tongue Bundle are here to save the day.


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Over and out of it….

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