Three Poems

Three Poems


George Anderson





Black T-Shirt



A young woman

with multiple silver

eye-brow studs


waits in line

for a health shake.


She wears a black t-shirt

with bold white writing

and smiling, turns to face me:







Sunday Afternoon Bar B-Q



I invite a long-term

ex-skag freak friend

over for a few snags

one arvo.


He’s off the gear

after a near fatal incident

related to an infected needle.


He is looking after himself now

and is into eating whole foods.


He takes one look at the bar b-q grill

on my back deck and asks wearily,


“Do you think it’s safe?”




I laugh and put it to him bluntly,


“After putting all that shit

into your body for a decade,

do you really think a bit of

congealed grease will

make any difference?”


He looks at me pissed-off,

deeply offended,


“It’s accumulative, you know.”



Famous Last Words



He retired at fifty-five

but soon grew bored

and candidly tells me,

“There are only so many

books you can read.”


When his prostate cancer

was finally diagnosed

he received the best treatment—


robotic surgery, zoned in laser.

He was keen to work throughout


showing up to his job

as an insurance assessor

frazzled from the follow up chemo

but eternally upbeat,

“There’s always another buck to be made.”


When the cancer relocated to his spine

and pancreas the real pain kicked in

and as he lay convulsing on his death bed—


he was too fucked to utter,

shriek out, scribble—


an apt, life-affirming remark.



Bio: George Anderson grew up in Montreal and migrated to Australia in his early 20s. He is long-term blogger at BOLD MONKEY. Recent or forthcoming chapbooks include Teaching My Computer Irony (Punk Chapbook Series Epic Rites Press), Shark in the Shallows (Analogue Submission Press) and Fuckwits & Angels (Holy & Intoxicated Publications).

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