Thoughts During an Uncomfortable Moment with Brenda Browne

Thoughts During an Uncomfortable Moment with Brenda Browne


Laurence Vougiouklakis




I dismiss honesty
Sincerity is tedious
The human heart pumped itself dry 457 years ago
When some fucked up Italian spilled his guts
After too much wine
And complained in a wet alley
“It’s just too much, it’s just too much to take”
He probably said this in some elegant dialect
Possessed by an absurd sense of entitlement
Talking about some vile bitch
Who grew tired of his love-making
Probably too passionate;
Fuck her like an animal Fabrizio
To be carnal and heartfelt simultaneously is vulgar
Did they teach you nothing in Naples?


It would be nice to walk around the village
Lying at random
The ultimate cowardice
Admire it for what it is
Bravery is a total flaw
I would lie to anyone who would listen…
I screamed this at the fishmonger
(Who was a very interesting man)
He shook his head
And muttered something about small-town mindsets
“Just a big fish in a small pond” I
Assumed he said, incorrectly


I am sick to my teeth of truth
Such a rancid and diseased concept
These morbid self-righteous clowns
Taking themselves so seriously
Telling me where they found Truth
Can’t I just receive my splendour in peace?
And drink myself back to a
Reasonable or at least acceptable
Level of contentment?
Without having to decipher
What is true or false?
Or even invent such distinctions?
I absolutely decline to give a shit, Horace
I’m satisfied to be confused and ********
And what’s worse
Your propaganda makes my daylight terrible
Stop poking at my phantasy
Let it rest

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