The Lat Late Show

The Lat Late Show

Talk Radio

The Lat Late Show takes the form of a series of shortwave radio transmission sent across the astral planes from a home Pole (dimension) known as “The Monkey Room Behind the Closet”. These transmissions are segmented radio shows hosted by two Logos (AKA gods) called “The Corduroy King” and “The Logos Man”.

Collectively, these two Logos run the rusted old tin shack with the giant radio dish sprouting from the roof like a twisted bonsai tree, which functions as a hub of communications among the astral planes. Think of these transmissions as an S.O.S. sent across the planes for travelers lost among the Poles…


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The Lat Late Show Presents is a production company owned and operated by Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder. Together they produce two fictional podcasts: The Lat Late Show and The DenMark Chronicles.


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