Tanmoy Kayesen – Seven Features

Seven Features

Tanmoy Kayesen

I’m aware,

but Imma wear my skin like—

I don’t care if it

tear I didn’t like—

buy a pair.

It was there right in sight,

there was glare

now I wear my skin tight.


Ballpoint pen on paper.

9″ x 9″

I’ve been


these sorrys and thank yous


Wakin’ and fallin’



You been

Flayin’ me

quarrying contours,


the heart

that I

wear on my sleeve.


Fineliners on paper.

8″ x 8″

I’ve dug burrows in you,

all for my comfort.

You let the sorrows in me,

fill you to your throat.

And for a minute

Thought I found the answers,

So I kept following you

And found me instead.


Fine liners on paper,

8″ x 8″

These burning charcoals are all over the place,

And it seems to me they follow a trace,

Knees, elbows, torso and face

Feel enveloped in a harrowing blaze.


Pens on paper,

Approx size: A1.

Turn every ruined thing into poetry


Fine liners on paper,

A4 size

You brought me stone and steel,

And things I couldn’t afford,

And helped me build that bridge

I’ve been burning forever.


Microns on paper

8″ x 8″

I talk sick,

cause I’m toxic,

and I need you to believe,

that I need you (to leave).


A whole variety of pens.

19.5cm x19.5cm on paper. 

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