Dear Darkness

Dear Darkness


Rory Dwayne




Dear Darkness,


The sun has fallen, were you a part of this?

Darkness owns my soul I can’t part with this,

Shadow of mind, night was the start of this.


Moonlight shines through the attic windows,

Mist arises with lone leaves falling while the wind blows.

Darkness advances across the open landscape,

You can see her running.

The World spins,

People fall asleep when they see her coming.

Darkness, I’m not heartless, I can feel it drumming.


I am truly blind in your infinity.

Darkness lets me dream while the Sun does limit me.

A soul corrupt,

Darkness is winning me.

Am I just a product of her industry?

Dark matter giving me energy,

The Sun. Inside my mind befriending me.

A nocturnal entity,

She is truly never ending, see?


Through Darkness’s veil I see her evanescence,

I fear the unknown, but does void fear my essence?

I walk among the spirit world and see my questions worth lessen.


See the meaning?

Seemingly believing,

The kind of nightmares that you only read in,

Horror stories,

I’m hollowed, wholly.

I fall through life,

But at night, Darkness holds me.


I fear the Light,

I accept Death,

God give me night,

To get past it,

But as the dawn breaks the horizon of my inner troubles,

I fear my worries truly pointless and subtle.


Darkness my mistress,

Home of us misfits.


She kisses my cheek,

Instantly retreats.



No more controls my dreams as I sleep.


One day soon,

We shall meet again.


One day Darkness,

It will be me who you yearn, my friend.

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