Dispatched like a Turgid Stool

Dispatched like a Turgid Stool


Peter O’Neill




Desperate pilgrims can seek out, and possibly

Find, comfort in the most unlikely places.

A sick or dying woman, or man, might

Find, possibly, a sign say in a public toilet.


For example, they might find harbour there

From the great hinterland of the altogether unfamiliar.

A tile, or a piece of porcelain,

Harvested in the mind in the place of a vigil.


The utterly demonic, these days, being most possibly

The utterly unknowable, rather than any

Dantesque figure. The ambiguity


Of quantum mechanics replacing the pantheon

Of medieval Christian iconography.

Chaos redefined, and for an eternity.



Peter O’Neill is the author of six collections of poetry; The Elm Tree (2014), Sker (2016) and The Enemy – Transversions from Baudelaire (2015) all published by Lapwing; The Dark Pool (2015) and The Muse is a Dominatrix ( 2016) both published by mgv2>publishing; Dublin Gothic published by Kilmog Press ( 2015); and More Micks than Dicks ( 2017) published by Famous Seamus. He has also coedited And Agamemnon Dead, an anthology of 21st century Irish Poetry with Walter Ruhlmann for mgv2>publishing ( 2015) and edited The Gladstone Readings (2017) published by Famous Seamus.

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