The Tale of the Suitors – From The Oddity

The Tale of the Suitors – From The Oddity


Peter O’Neill






Is not the tale of the suitors nothing less
Than a story about a bunch of useless
would be motherfuckers,
The kind and type of being that we have all met
And known. Those wastrels who have no
Sense of self respect, not for themselves nor
For their own kith and kin, and so who would,
By such baseless birth and zero character,
Poison the very idea of hospitality,
And who would, rather than sweeten an
Hour with labour to earn their means,
Camp out in the grounds of another man
To squander his hard-earned earnings,
Eating and drinking his wife and son from house and home?




In an utterly futile attempt to lord it over both of them
Through their speech and rude posturing,
Egging each other along, as is the case with
All morons, aping and outdoing one another.


Oops, there goes another useless motha-fuka!
Parading around in Dicey O’Reilly’s domain.
Did you see the state of that SUV parked out front?
More chrome and polished silver than in a pimp


And whore’s bargain designer wear.
Nothing of much worth glitters so in thee my son,
So kindly refrain from even addressing me, or my family.


For shame, you crime out aloud by merely breathing!
Though in truth what should I expect from you,
You who have no parental figures, nor government, to look to.



Bio: Peter O’Neill is the author of several books, most recently More Micks Than Dicks, a hybrid Beckettian novella in 3 genres currently out of print, and The Dublin Trilogy: Poems & Transversions 1992-2017, a singular engagement with a 19th century French Master; launched in Paris in November last year to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Baudelaire’s death. He recently presented je la dis comme elle vient– The Appearance of the Homeric Muse in Beckett’s Comment c’est/How It Is at the How It Is Symposium organised by Gare Saint Lazare Players Ireland at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. He teaches EFL and resides in Dublin. His writing (be it poetry, translation, critical reviews or academic presentation) has been published widely, being translated into French, Italian and German. O’Neill has also edited two anthologies of poetry; And Agamemnon Dead ( mgv2>publishing, 2015) and The Gladstone Readings ( Famous Seamus, 2017). He set up Donkey Shots, an avant-garde literary festival, in his hometown of Skerries, North County Dublin, and currently hosts The Gladstone Readings.

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