Freddie The Hamster Revisited

Freddie The Hamster Revisited


Michael P. Lefanto




They’re gonna leave me laying in my body waste

diapered in bed.

Waiting for the loser of the, no it’s your turn

I did it the last time argument, to come upstairs

and change me.


No doubt

I’ll end up begging them,

to let me please sell the house

find a cheap nursing home nearby.

Dancing around the obvious reasons.

Use the argument.

I don’t wanna be a burden

They have their own lives

to worry about now


And they’ll smile those

twenty-three hundred dollar

straight teeth smiles of theirs,

insisting they love me I’m their dad.

and won’t hear of such nonsense.


And I will remember

Freddie the hamster,

dead in their room three months

skin and bones covered in maggots

waiting for whoever’s turn it was

to come upstairs and feed him.

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