Coping Skills

Coping Skills


Matthew Borczon




My special

needs son

is laughed

at and bullied

in school

because when

he gets

upset he

either explodes

into curses

and anger

or he

cries displaying

what his

therapist calls

his emotional

real age

the other

kids find

either response

hilarious and

a distraction

from their

school day

so they

push his

buttons until

the show



one day

I see

his hands

balled into

fists on

the playground

and he

shakes like

he is

having a


when I

ask what

is wrong

he says

through clenched

teeth that


if I

do this

hard enough

I can

keep myself

from crying


now it

is me

who clenches

my jaw

and balls

my fists

and shakes

every morning

as I

watch him

walk into




Matthew Borczon is a nurse, navy sailor and poet from Erie, Pa. He has published 11 books of poetry the newest is Body bag from Nixes Mates press. He has been nominated for both a push cart and best of the net. He publishes widely in the small press. When not writing he is a nurse for adults with developmental disabilities and he raises four children.

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