Martin Appleby




I used to be super into

the movement

tracked down every movie

either on DVD

or pirated rips

whatever I could

get my hands on

I loved the DIY ethos

the rawness

the realness

I related to the characters

the slackers

the losers

the social awkwardness

the stunted dialogue

and those movies

and that style

the characters

and themes

have informed

a lot of my adult life

and the choices

that I have made

whether consciously

or subconsciously

I have lived it


Now Joe Swanberg

has a show on Netflix

and Andrew Bujalski

wrote the screenplay

for Disney’s live action

Lady and the Tramp remake

and I’m still here

still raw

still awkward

still a slacker

still DIY.



Martin Appleby is a punk, poet, cider drinking vegetarian from Hastings, England. He is editor of PAPER AND INK LITERARY ZINE –

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