Keep Throwing That Jab

Keep Throwing That Jab


Martin Appleby

A far away friend
sent me his latest
poetry collection.
The inscription read
“Thanks Martin,
Keep throwing that jab”
a boxing metaphor
I had often said
to writers on Twitter
when I had seen despair
sent out into the void
after another rejection
or another day spent
staring at the blank page
attempting to tame
the black, blinking cursor.
I was feeling low
and hadn’t written
a poem worth a shit
in far too long
and that inscription
was a timely reminder
that you have to
practise what you preach
but also a lesson that
you reap what you sow.


Chin down,
gloves up,
keep throwing that jab.


Martin Appleby is a writer, poet, punk, book reviewer, boxing fan, vegetarian, cider drinker and editor of PAPER AND INK LITERARY ZINE.

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