On Aging

On Aging


Luiza Furtado

My hair was glowing today
I thought I was ovulating
I looked up close, inspecting
It was just death reminding:
You are aging.

You don’t look so young right now,
Your skin is flagging,
Your eyes are fading
A process is unfolding, which you cannot disallow.

The clock is ticking, the time is now.
Throw down your masquerade and face the crowd,
Our breaths are limited, anyhow
You better make them all count.

Plant your seed into the ground,
Make sure it is safe, somehow.
Find a spacious garden
For your flower to get started.

Oh grey, grey hair!
My darkness spills out of my head.
The grim reaper comes and stares.
On this day, he is everywhere.

His touch will make anyone decay
A voice behind me whispers and says:
Have a happy birthday!
I will be coming for you one day.


Luiza, died Brazilian — born again Irish Poet. Writes dark poetry, confessional poetry and feminist poetry.


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