Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt


Luiza Furtado




I wear a chastity belt
I know I’m going to hell
I locked it up myself
And threw the key into that well.


I’ll save men from my shame
Whilst hiding my contagious passion
No one deserves to taste
Decaying flesh as ration.


The line below the waste
Is dangerous
Any men who enter these woods
Would have to be courageous.


The triangle door is protected
By small red leprechaun guards
Men come to then be ejected
From this land of blood and scabs.


The queen of rotten roars:
Nobody comes to the wetlands!
Her lips are lethal and gore
The venom spills from her glands.



Bio: Luiza, died Brazilian – born again Irish Poet. Writes dark poetry, confessional poetry and feminist poetry.


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