Luiza Furtado




It is hunting season.
Cover your ear
If you don’t want to hear
The loud bang around the city.
Oh, do you think I am out to catch deer?
Not really.
I am after the dirtiest beasts and awkwardest queers.


I will chain them with my legs…
They will enjoy it.
And then I will crack their necks,
I’ll make them extinct.
That is my venomous instinct:
Ephemeral flings.


The cracks in the skin conceal
An inner burning flame
Only the eyes can reveal.
The predator moves with lustful temptation.
There is nothing more pungent
Than the power of intention.


A scent rests on the nose:
The target is found.
I set my eyes on the prize now.
I shoot and get up close,
I bite him from behind.
He never saw what hit him
There was no time to realise.



Bio: Luiza, died Brazilian — born again Irish Poet. Writes dark poetry, confessional poetry and feminist poetry.


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