To All The Girls I Never Loved Before

To All The Girls I Never Loved Before


Louise M. Hart



I dedicate this poem
To the loves
I have not known
The nights I have spent
Chastising myself
With my belt of desires
On a bed
Of moist memory foam
And sheets
That drip with sweat
And dread of exposure


I dedicate this poem
To the hearts
I have not broken
With my roaming eye
And my tongue tingling
Love tokens of longing
For the tasty pink delight
Of womanly wonders


Beneath the swooning
Fist of night
My heart thrives
On its passionate cries
But my body celebrates
Its celibacy
With cross-legged frigidity


Though my mind is insecure
In the grasp
Of its complicity
In my shameful, moral duplicity
I secretly acknowledge
The tenuous tightrope
I tread
Of illusory hetero


I am as anonymous
As I was not made to be
And spread my legs
Only for the wondrous words
I create
Never under cover
Of the alluring beds
Adorned by those
To whom I dedicate
This poem
In my head



Bio: Louise M. Hart is a writer and poet from the West Midlands. The author of 2 novels, “The General Paralysis Of Sanity” and “The Fantastical Flights of Emilia Gate”, her poems have been published in anthologies and online in “I am not a Silent Poet” and “”. She blogs at and is an active Twitter user, where she tweets using the pen name, shunterthompson.

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