I Am (not that into me either)

I Am (not that into me either)


Louise M. Hart

In Memoriam, John Clare (1793-1864)


I am Van Gogh’s emasculated ear
Severed to diminish feeling, I died before I became real
Comprised of stories no one wanted to hear
And rendered out of mode, like an old fashioned picture book
Disproportionate in words and imagery
When I speak, the herd turns its braying back
I blame them not, for my words would sound prettier
Where my mouth is gagged
By those who only hear words transcribed by waves
Which are fluid, loud and clear
Shedding emotions, like layers of translucent onion peel
I moo aloud, but no one replies
Thus, I sit alone in a crowd of crushing pain and fear
Raise my hand to my head and find that it has disappeared


Louise M. Hart is a writer and poet from the West Midlands. The author of 2 novels, “The General Paralysis Of Sanity” and “The Fantastical Flights of Emilia Gate”, her poems have been published in anthologies and online in “I am not a Silent Poet” and “ArtiPeeps.com”. She blogs at madscribedotme.wordpress.com and is an active Twitter user, where she tweets using the pen name, shunterthompson.

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