We, the Scum Gentry

We, the Scum Gentry


Lickspittle Scumsquirter




We, the Scum Gentry

with our imaginary top hats and canes

and our supercilious sneers

as we swagger down

imaginary cobble-stoned streets,

spitting on the rich

who line the sidewalks

in dumb-struck awe.


Resplendent in our morning coats with tails a-flutter

and knee-high boots

good for stomping heads in the gutter


Oh, but a display of pomp and circumstance

designed merely to mislead,

for here in reality we are,

scurrilously scampering

between words on a page

and images on a screen,

pictures on a wall

and sounds in the air.


With such magick

we sow the seeds of discontent

in discombobulated minds.


So hail the Scum Gentry

for onward we stride,

the saviours of sanity

and the purveyors of twisted wisdoms

in a world dominated by greed and heedless vanity.

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