Lana F. Call

the way my spine contorts
like a bricklayer building a cathedral
does this shape please you Lord


sexless arches these mounds
of pious limestone laid
at the feet of man or God


shaped men made in man’s image
not from bone or Adam’s apple shaped
I am this frame


without a painting in it not created
but manufactured wholesale
from the detritus of other things


we built this me
together you and I
architects of this vestibule


an antechamber a prelude a prequel
to                      what
a spider spindling in the corner


where are the wedding parties
the batmitzvahs the triune
streamers and potluck dinners


these pews slouch empty
and                     why
because they saw the foundation poured


they were here the day the glaziers
installed my stained glass windows
unworthy of being gazed through for that


a committee helped select the exact
curve of my steeple this celestial
aquiline angle fit for daily prayer


a sermon on my mount
made unusable simply because
it came from a catalogue


and still I stretch my spine
cock my marbled knee provocative
at just the right flirtatious arc


not too slutty not too chaste
just right but
wrong anyway


Lana F. Call is an emerging poet from the Seattle area. Her work often touches on social issues that are important to a wide audience. She speaks with a message of love, understanding, and overcoming adversity. She has been featured in W.F. Landry’s “Beauty Project”, and in “The Virgina Normal”. She has one published book, “Chambers Street (and other small-heart poems)”. For more information, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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