Coalition of The Disappointed

Coalition of The Disappointed


Kevin Higgins





We the undersigned wish to register

with you, the good people of the internet,

our disappointment

that our one time mentor-therapist-guru

with whom we have fallen

totally out of love,

appears to be dying

more slowly

than we the undersigned

would like.


Unmentionable now in the company

women of our status aspire to keep—

he once put us standing on high stages,

adjusted microphones for us,

got our names in the relevant

provincial newspapers,

and said them

over and over again

on sociable media

until it became a bit embarrassing

to be honest or, even,


and we could do nothing

but lust

after the sound of ourselves.


Now all he does is stink up

our timelines with quips

about Marie Antoinette being

just as much victim of the patriarchy

as Meghan Markle;

and how the term “political veganism”

makes him long to tear

a rump steak

off the nearest available cow

and race naked around the Albuquerque

Red and Green VegFest

eating it.


Such rude levity is commendable

when one’s breaking down the door

but not when one’s trying to say inside the room

and make one’s way to nod and silently sympathise

with the Minister for Culture and Heritage

on her recent bank loan faux pas.


After his update last week

we must move his last breath

from the “impending” to at least

the “medium-term-aspiration” section;

can’t help but fret this good news

might be the start of a disastrous

long term recovery on his part,

like that of the Soviet Army

at Stalingrad. An eventuality

which could, if things went wrong,

or, even, right,

lead to ladies of our disposition

and quality

being made dine

on Cyanide.


Yours sincerely,


Poet of page and stage Eiléan Ní Faitíos,

Our Lady of the Sorrowful Status Updates,

The Third World Liberation Wing of Galway Lawn Tennis Club,

Irish Nee Haircut,

Poet and Critic Dr. Silica Tradeup


Excerpted from Sex and Death at Merlin Park Hospital published June 14th 2019


Bio: Kevin Higgins’s Song of Songs 2:0 – New and Selected Poems will be published by Salmon Poetry in April. His poems have been quoted in The Daily Telegraph, The Times (UK), The Independent, and The Daily Mirror. The Stinging Fly magazine recently described Kevin as “likely the most read living poet in Ireland.”

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