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The Cursory Search

The Cursory Search

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
I had expensive clothes.
My cufflinks were worth more
than your yearly salary.
Meanwhile, roaches crawled
around his clothes kept in
a cheap garbage bag.
There were no cufflinks
there, no fancy dress shirt or
any type of long sleeve
shirt inside the bag.
I had a jacket there that ...
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One For The Demigod Atheist

One For The Demigod Atheist

John Sweet
a river through the desert,
late December,
this dust-colored sky at sunset,
these silent houses down dead-end streets church spires and the taste of road salt accidental overdose behind
the car wash got a houseful of true believers and
a can of gasoline got a hidden camera to film the
blow jobs and the payoffs ...
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Keep Throwing That Jab

Keep Throwing That Jab

Martin Appleby A far away friend
sent me his latest
poetry collection.
The inscription read
“Thanks Martin,
Keep throwing that jab”
a boxing metaphor
I had often said
to writers on Twitter
when I had seen despair
sent out into the void
after another rejection
or another day spent
staring at the blank page
attempting to tame
the black, ...
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On Aging

On Aging

Luiza Furtado My hair was glowing today
I thought I was ovulating
I looked up close, inspecting
It was just death reminding:
You are aging. You don’t look so young right now,
Your skin is flagging,
Your eyes are fading
A process is unfolding, which you cannot disallow. The clock is ticking, the time is now.
Throw down your ...
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In Submission

In Submission

John D. Robinson She had me pinned
to the mattress,
twice my size and
I had no chance:
she removed her
upper clothing
and her huge
breasts fell towards
my face and then
she fell forwards
instantly, snoring
like a fucking
I took the
opportunity to
crawl out from
beneath her like a
dazed spider:
it ...
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White Bread

White Bread

Zachary Knox (partially lecithin) through people’s disguises there lie
more heart than brain which is more
or less the same thing; they’re up in
arms again and demand change yet
become afraid when change came
why are you always too tall or too small
said the mad hatter; it’s really all a mind
over matter kinda thing, choose the
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