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Tin Man’s Lament

Tin Man’s Lament

Kevin Higgins
In memoriam Tin Man Ó’Tuathail esteemed
literary critic & political commentator

You weren’t, like others, born
of Babycham and contraceptive malfunction
but emerged fully realised
—someone else’s brilliant idea—
during an editorial conference
of a magazine that went on to be
important; your hands clean
as mild green Fairy Liquid.
Your intellect keen
as the Leaving Cert exam
in which you gave exactly
the answers they wanted in precisely
the accent they were looking for ...
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The Occupation

The Occupation

John Sweet
have to leave have to get back
home to the husband
to the wife
to the children
but it’s tough to stop drowning
it’s tough to put the needle down
pump that shit into your blood
let that body violate your own
just one last time and
then say it again
let the sky be the
color of luminous dust
let every house
be deserted and silent
these are the streets and
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We, the Scum Gentry

We, the Scum Gentry

Lickspittle Scumsquirter
We, the Scum Gentry
with our imaginary top hats and canes
and our supercilious sneers
as we swagger down
imaginary cobble-stoned streets,
spitting on the rich
who line the sidewalks
in dumb-struck awe.
Resplendent in our morning coats with tails a-flutter
and knee-high boots
good for stomping heads in the gutter
Oh, but a display of pomp and circumstance
designed merely to mislead,
for here in reality we are,
scurrilously scampering
between words on a ...
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Dear Darkness

Dear Darkness

Rory Dwayne
Dear Darkness,
The sun has fallen, were you a part of this?
Darkness owns my soul I can’t part with this,
Shadow of mind, night was the start of this.
Moonlight shines through the attic windows,
Mist arises with lone leaves falling while the wind blows.
Darkness advances across the open landscape,
You can see her running.
The World spins,
People fall asleep when they see her coming.
Darkness, I’m not heartless, I can feel ...
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James Diaz
a summons
from the crows
across town
the lonely
lean into quiet
walk two-step hollow
into the fading light
misfortune motel
and everyone knows
this is how it goes
for them too
you wake up one day
not at all like how
you thought you’d be
huddled around a prayer
you can’t quite bring yourself to mutter
and so you don’t ...
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Freddie The Hamster Revisited

Freddie The Hamster Revisited

Michael P. Lefanto
They’re gonna leave me laying in my body waste
diapered in bed.
Waiting for the loser of the, no it’s your turn
I did it the last time argument, to come upstairs
and change me.
No doubt
I’ll end up begging them,
to let me please sell the house
find a cheap nursing home nearby.
Dancing around the obvious reasons.
Use the argument.
I don’t wanna be a burden
They have their own lives
to ...
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