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Dispatched like a Turgid Stool

Dispatched like a Turgid Stool

Peter O’Neill
Desperate pilgrims can seek out, and possibly
Find, comfort in the most unlikely places.
A sick or dying woman, or man, might
Find, possibly, a sign say in a public toilet.
For example, they might find harbour there
From the great hinterland of the altogether unfamiliar.
A tile, or a piece of porcelain,
Harvested in the mind in the place of a vigil.
The utterly demonic, these days, being most possibly
The utterly unknowable, rather ...
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For You I Died, my Lover

For You I Died, my Lover

Natasha Helen Crudden
For you I died, my lover
For you
I tore sons from their fathers
Daughters from the womb
For you I fought
The only thing worth fighting for
Here I am
The fire in your veins
The spark in your ignition
When you are in discomfort
Under duress
There I stood
In rank with my comrades
Awaiting the day
You could live
For the sacrifice we made
For you I failed
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Martin Appleby
I used to be super into
the movement
tracked down every movie
either on DVD
or pirated rips
whatever I could
get my hands on
I loved the DIY ethos
the rawness
the realness
I related to the characters
the slackers
the losers
the social awkwardness
the stunted dialogue
and those movies
and that style
the characters
and themes
have informed
a lot of my adult life
and the choices
that I have made
whether consciously
or ...
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just another old man with a ponytail and a beard in san francisco on a saturday night

just another old man with a ponytail and a beard in san francisco on a saturday night

John Grochalski
they come into vesuvio’s cafe
right after my wife and i order our second beer
otherwise we would’ve left
there are twelve of them
cramped around a table meant for six
they look like a fucked up last supper
or the type of shallow trolls
who have to go out drinking
with their dozen closest friends
it’s saturday night in america
and i’m not made for saturday night anymore
but i’m ...
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Official Radio One

Official Radio One

Kevin Higgins
That time of the week
when bachelor farmers decide,
on balance, not to string themselves
up in the outhouse, bravely
switch on the wireless instead;
on Official Radio Marion the defunct
has a few old pals around
for two thrilling hours
of cream tea and general
consensus. Last month
one critic unfairly hissed
that the show increasingly sounds
like the occupants of a mortuary
in one of the more horrible parts
of Donnybrook, each ...
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The Crusty Old Man

The Crusty Old Man

hushed confessions
screamed into the
pillow each night
before you cry
yourself to sleep
no one wants to
become the crusty
old man
it’s much more
romantic to die
young, full of
promise and
but on the other
side of those
myths are
a vast crease
of time built
on nothing ...
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