The Scum Gentry Alternative Arts & Media

The Scum Gentry Alternative Arts and Media is an online publishing and promotional network devoted to alternative, outsider, and independent arts and artists across all mediums.

In other words, this is a platform for the weird and the wasted—the avant-garde and the experimental—an open space for the Dionysian-insane and the wonder-struck, perennially-half-lost dreamers with giant delights hanging in their pockets, just waiting to be realized. At the Scum Gentry we traffic in cultural contraband that hails from just a little further out west than the rest of the mainstream arts world. Think of it as “Under-the-Counter” Culture…

So if the work is challenging, chaotic, iconoclastic, subversive, or otherwise surreal, then it will be met here with loving and open leathery wings, always. All our visitors from all walks of life are welcome—whether you’re a creative force in your own right, or just an unashamedly-jonesing arts-fiend, you’ll find something to satiate your craving in the lofty, haunted halls of Scum Gentry Manor. We hope you enjoy your visit. May it never, ever end…

The Scum Gentry network is divided into four main hubs, for your delirious convenience:

The Scum Gentry Alternative Arts

is devoted primarily to the written and visual arts—so poetry, prose, paintings etc.—as well as less easily categorizable material, such as comics, art-house games and other creative miscellanea. In this section you will also find submissions information for all hubs and our online store, as well as the site-wide home page.


If you’d like us to feature your poetry, prose, visual or miscellaneous art, click here.

The Scum Gentry Journal

is the home of all non-fiction writing, from current affairs journalism and essays, to arts-and-culture coverage and non-fiction humor writing—a one-stop news-shop where outsider news and commentary pieces go toe to toe with gallows’ humour satire and the latest in alternative culture reviews.


If you’d like to become a Scum Gentry Journal writer click here

Scum Gentry Radio

is our musical platform, where we broadcast an as-yet small but ever-growing selection of podcasts from the alternative and experimental music scenes and beyond. As the platform continues to grow we expect to host an expanded range of content, including radio plays, documentary podcasts, and more. Watch this space.


If you’d like coverage for your band/music act, or would like to have your podcast featured click here.

Scum Gentry TV

is our cinema hub, where you can sit back and tune into a dynamic selection of independent and experimental film-work—from short movies and animation, to music videos and even alternative documentaries. Dim the lights and dig out the popcorn from under the couch cushions—there’ll be plenty here to keep you transfixed.


If you’d like to have your film work featured on Scum Gentry TV click here.

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 Art work for Scum Gentry TV is by Vesperalia


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The Scum Gentry Alternative Arts and Media offers a limited amount of advertising space each month to businesses and organizations that will be of genuine interest to our visitors and contributors. For more information on advertising opportunities click here.

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