Harlot on Holy Hill/ The Witch That Could Not Be Burned

Song of the Week

Harlot On Holy Hill / The Witch That Could Not Be Burned

Blackbird and Crow

Blazing like the pyres of the not so distant past, this week’s Scum Gentry Radio Song of the Week is a firebrand feminist anthem from heavy folk-rock duo Blackbird and Crow. With vocals that growl with righteous fury and chunky hard rock guitars, this one won’t just warm your winter cockles, it’ll set fire to your toes…

Harlot On Holy Hill / The Witch That Could Not Be Burned” by Blackbird and Crow. Turn it up and listen now…

Blackbird and Crow


Donegal based Blackbird & Crow formed in January of 2016 and they released their debut album in April 2017. Since then the band have toured extensively through Ireland, playing some of the most well known festivals in the country. In August of 2018 the Hanover based German record label, MIG signed them and in March, 2019 they toured the length and breadth of Germany and the Netherlands.


In October 2018 They went into Attica Audio Recording in Donegal to record their second album with producer Tommy McLaughlin. Tommy was a part of the band Villagers, and produced records such as ‘Awayland’ ‘Ship of Promises’ and ‘Becoming a Jackal’. Tommy has worked with artists such as Foy Vance, Soak, Luke Sital-Singh, Altan, Sam Smith and many more. A prolific producer in his own right and he has done magnificent work on Blackbird & Crow’s upcoming album ‘Ailm’ which will be released in January 2020.



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