Good News Comrades! The Scum Gentry is now Under New Management

Good News Comrades!

The Scum Gentry is now Under New Management


Hank Lincoln



Howdy pardners! It’s your new Chief Editor of “Scum Gentry”, Hank Lincoln! As last editor explain, there will be some changes to website from now on, but first let me introduce myself so you know you can continue to trust us and only us for all alternative news source ok?

Me? I’m just a proud Jesus-loving all-American boy, love baseball, mom’s cooking, and American Idol. I believe in freedom and you can take my guns from my cold dead hands if you want “em”. (Whose with me??? Second Amendment am I right guys? LOL seriously though rise up.)

That’s right, website will be a little different now but I can assure you can still find favourite alternative news and artist every day on same trusted “URL”. Don’t trust mainstream media or le cuck western artists! Only real news and art for true patriots on “Scum Gentry” now! Will be so based so stay tuned everybody! Can I get a yee-haw??? LMAO.

But seriously. Real talk for a minute my guys. Lot of bad information out there right now about hoax virus and Joe Biden. Truth is, they think Americans stupid. They think proud British Brexiteers stupid. The Swamp transgender leftists make Wuhan Virus hoax with shifty Chinese to cuck real Americans. They think proud American patriot just loser sheep with small penis and bloated mutant hormones from so much burger and fried chicken. I’m sorry I thought this was democracy! You can take my fried low-nutrition high-calorie food from cold dead hands!! LMAO seriously though only eat low-nutrition high-calorie food. Drink lots of soda. Smoke cigarettes too coz that our God given free Western rights!

Virus is hoax my guys! Don’t let them keep you in your homes like brainwashed sheep. Hit the streets, get your guns and let’s have big party! And if leftist cuck sleepy biden-loving Jesus-haters don’t like it, what we say? We say: “TIME FOR A MASS SHOOTING MOTHER FUCKER LOL!!!” Seriously though do mass shootings.

Real talk guys, Sleepy Joe Biden is an alien rapist. Beyond the black rim of Flat Earth is other planet full of sleepy cuck rapist aliens! Why don’t you report that one, Lamestream Media??? Crooked Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks bring Sleepy Biden here in spaceship full of fake vaccines to destroy America with rigged election. Then they make you take hoax Chinese vaccine to turn men into women and women into feminazi!! If feminazi Me-too women hate men than what men have left? Just small penis and gun? Does that sound like freedom to you??? Heck no, it’s making me real mad here my guys!! REAL MAD!! LMAO but seriously though get really angry. Then take guns to big street party. Do it for America.



And now is time for great alternative news and facts


In Journal, beautiful blonde all-American girl Stacy MacGillycuddy has in-depth profile on Russian Premier Vladimir Putin. This a real man my fellow patriots, a guy could have beer with and then beat up disgusting gays, am I right? Read full article to see how country should be run!


In Arts page, based Western artist @lolfrog6969 has lit meme about God-Emperor Trump owning the “woke” libs. LMAO LOL keep on winning am I right my dudes?


In Fiction page, Q has important coded message for all real patriots about what really going on out there in the world. Is fiction? Or is real????


In poetry page, is nothing coz poetry is for fags and cucks am I right my dudes?? ROFL


In Radio, is podcast with proud patriot Bill Smith about how aliens try and make him transgender woman with fake vaccines. This brave hero spent fifteen years in liberal mind-control, living as disgusting lesbian college professor teaching coddled coastal elite how to make real American feel stupid with big words. How did break terrible curse? With special based “SCUM GENTRY BRAND PROTEIN POWDER” of course! Listen to show to find out how to order for self!


In TV, is disturbing psyops video full of upsetting imagery and disjointed music designed to make you paranoid and angry. Grab the popcorn!



Ok fellow Western freedom loving Jesus-fuckers, that’s it from Hank for now. Stay based and stay free! And remember to check trusted URL for all real true news and facts on “Scum Gentry” website!

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