Climate Models Aren’t Factoring in Lunatic Leaders

Climate Models Aren’t Factoring in Lunatic Leaders


George Tsakraklides




It is unfolding right in front of us

Let’s just be honest with ourselves. Climate Change mitigation isn’t going very well. In fact, it is a joke. At a time when society should be making Herculean efforts to reorganise our very economies, something already a bit of an ambitious fantasy given our previous record, we want to make things even harder for ourselves: we take a Herculean leap backwards by burning the Amazon.

The climate mitigation models, which give us 10 years to make significant changes, are not factoring in one huge variable in their complicated algorithms: the “looney” factor. There are far too many crazies in power to be able to predict a safe, unhindered path to mitigation that is actually doable and realistic.

As for the rest of humanity and the IPCC, most of them are in it for the conference croissants: baked in an oil-fuelled electric oven, and placed in a big plate to cool off in an overheating world. Please, do dig in delegates, before they go extinct!

I have written many blogs about how humanity is grossly overestimating not only its technological capabilities but also its own intelligence, both when it comes to tackling something that now seems to be a runaway phenomenon, as well as to ethically disciplining itself.

The last few weeks’ events have fully confirmed my predictions. The callousness of the Bolsonaro regime shows the level of unrelenting selfishness of our species, putting profits and self-preservation far above our planet’s safety even at the Last Hour. Until the very bitter end. Don’t be surprised. We have done this many times in our history.

For those of you still believing and hoping that humans are more than this, that we can make a sharp turn, I need not provide any proof to convince you otherwise. Just look at our history, from the Dust Bowl to the Aral Sea. Google these if you don’t know what they mean. Our very destiny as a species so far has been to destroy.

Bolsonaro may be a racist and an Earth Nazi, but he was voted into power by ordinary people, including farmers, who want more land and just want to be able to feed their families. Climate Change to them is a fairy tale. So if I were you, I wouldn’t be quick to discount the Trumps and the Bolsonaros of this world as “exceptions”, as the Villains that you need to blame so that you can feel less guilty.

We all have blood on our hands, simply for choosing the path of apathy

If anything, there is a risk we see more far-right movements emerge across the world, as already unfolding food crises worsen and our standard of living takes a hit; movements who, in the future, promise voters the things we take for granted today; 24 hour electricity consumption without a cap, unlimited showers, unlimited air travel, permission to have a child, and an unregulated construction market. What’s not to like? It’s what people and business want.

If we want to avert this catastrophe, we need to start realising that sacrifices are required from all of us from now on. Blaming the “lunatic” leaders after we’ve voted for them is not going to help, especially since we are likely to vote for them again. Instead, we need to stop consuming everything around us until there is nothing left.

We need to adopt the only type of economic system that can work on a finite planet; a circular economy. The concept is very simple. It is an economic process where nothing is wasted. It is a closed production loop, where everything that we produce, even our waste, eventually is turned back into food and products. This is the way our planet operates, whether we like it or not. There is no “bin” or “trashcan” on Earth. In fact, the concept of waste does not exist on our planet. Everything is recycled, millions of times until the end of time.

We must abandon the concept of unsustainably increasing consumption and profits. We need to adapt to the reality of our planets operating system.

It’s time to get off our seats and join a Rebellion for new Human values that respect our planet’s Circular Operating System and ensure our own survival.


George Tsakraklides is a molecular biologist, food scientist, a writer, and an advocate for an Earth of empathy, compassion and awareness. He is a recovering workaholic, and the author of Becoming Imperfect. You can find him on Twitter at


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