Pro-Life, Pro-God, Pro-Ireland: Abort the Abortionists

Pro-Life, Pro-God, Pro-Ireland: Abort the Abortionists


Fionnuala Hanley Reyes




The story is a familiar one. A fourteen-year-old homeless woman finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. She has a man in her life, an itinerant, much older than she is, but the child is not his. She doesn’t know how to explain this to him or how they’ll cope with an extra mouth to feed. Will he leave her when he finds out the baby is not genetically his?

Pose this question to the liberals and the solution—they’ll scoff—is simple. Abort the innocent, kill the child before it has a chance to stand on its own two feet. Problem solved.

Simple indeed.

As a former member of Seanad Éireann, as well as a close runner-up in several European and national elections, and a life-long Catholic rights activist and pro-life advocate, variations on this scenario are tragically well-known to me. Often times the woman in question will take the proverbial apple handed to her by the snake of liberal anti-life hedonism and succumb to the terrible temptation of brutal child murder. Hell awaits.

But the story as related above did not take place in the slums of “Ballymun” or the back alleys of “Stab City”, where foaming-mouthed sinners trade heroin for coat hangers and forever curse themselves to an eternity in the depths of the flaming pit, with all the other sex-crazed degenerates.


This story—which is a true one—took place just over two thousand years ago, in a small town you just might have heard of. A town called Bethlehem.

Let that one sink in.

If the homosexual masses and feminist repealers had their way, where would we be now? Imagine if you will, the blessed couple were not visited by Three Wise Men on that holy night, but instead by a trio of “gender-neutral” rainbow-headed freaks. Instead of noble robes and regal beards, they wear leather shorts and skimpy tank-tops, revealing grotesque tattoos and garish piercings all over their bloated, sexual-disease-riddled bodies. Instead of frankincense, gold, and myrrh, they come bearing tiny rainbow flags, butt-plugs, and—worst of all—morning-after pills. How much would the course of history have been changed by a sacrilege as grave as this?

This is all hypothetical of course, our Lord above would never allow it (thanks be to Jesus) and the Virgin Mother herself was simply too pure and virginal to even entertain such vile notions—but the point I’m making is that this scenario could easily play out as described above at any time in the modern world. There weren’t any liberals in the time of the Holy Birth (at least not in the modern sense, one could argue that King Herod himself was something of a proto-liberal—for what was the massacre of the innocents after all, if not one big frenzy of abortion-on-demand?) but the entire western world festers with their masses today. The mainstream media promulgates their vicious propaganda from all mediums—radio, television, internet, and newspaper alike. How many young and foolish fallen women hear this voice of Satan and take it as a flimsy truth?

Let’s face it folks. Our Lord is coming back. That’s just a fact. There’s a strong possibility he’ll be here any day now. Some young God-fearing virgin’s belly could be getting fat already with holy seed, even as I type. Is this the world we want that girl to find herself in?

The solution is a simple one. It’s not liberal. It’s not “PC”. It might not get many re-twits or Facebook saves. Likely it will even open itself up to the vicious spectre of “Frape”, which I’m told is a form of sexual assault that takes place online, favoured by the crazed feminazi and the amoral atheistic troll alike. But it is one we will have to take. It is the only Christian course of action we have available to us.

We must repeal the repealers, abort the abortionists.

It’s that simple folks. They want to kill your children? Subject them to abortions-on-demand, send them to death camps where all and any innocent of a pre-pubescent age will be butchered so that their parents might have a little more free time to snort ecstasy liquid and contort like rabbits at grotesque inner-city sex parties? Well two can play at that game, you degenerate lesbian filth. I’ll not succumb to your temptations. I don’t care how revealing your outfit is, or how sexy your eyes are. You like abortions so much? Well let’s have one then. Starting with you.

Just five years ago such an idea would have been laughed at. But today, thanks be to Jesus, the tide is finally turning. Across the western world, good, Christian men, the likes of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, and Vladimir Putin, are finally taking the reins. Folks, God is winning. The time has never been better to enact a plan like this. So let’s give them what they claim to crave so badly—their abortion clinics at every roadside, outside every church. But let’s only abort the ones who asked for it. Now how’s that for “human rights”?

Morning-after pills? Let’s give them cyanide. Straightened-out coat hangers? Let’s jam them in their ears until their fetid sinful liberal brains are twisted into mush. Mush is all they ever were to begin with. In no time at all we’ll have them on the ropes. The scourge of mainstream liberal hedonism will be a ghost of the sinful past.

The time is right. The time is now. Ask yourself what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would do and the answer is simple. He’d abort them each and every one.



Have you been the victim of an online liberal Frape attack? If so, please consult your local parish priest as soon as possible. Only the light of our Lord can soothe your trauma. All else is heresy.


Bio: Fionnuala Hanley Reyes is a former primary school teacher, senator, close candidate in several national Irish and European elections, and long-standing Catholic rights and pro-life advocate. She lives in Furbo, Co. Galway, with her husband Henrick Hanley Reyes, former commissioner of An Garda Síochána and current chairman of Vulture Capital—a non-profit charitable organization committed to buying up housing in lower-income areas to force out undesirables. Together they have fifteen healthy children.

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