The Hat

The Hat


Daniel Galvin




She keeps coming back to me, this yoke—
Erin O’Brien put her in the Corrib
with a half-bottle of cider in ’99.


She said she didn’t drink cider
not to mind share it
and she wouldn’t take her jumper off either.


Maybe a fortnight after that
Jack Dalton was leaving The Goalpost
when he whipped her out of his pocket—
it’d came in through his letter box, would you believe.


I swapped her for a bottle of Teacher’s in Athlone
the time of the World Cup in ’02.
Some truck driver, late for work
said she’d go lovely with his dying brother’s jacket.


Went back to Ellen Coleman’s
for the ride Easter Sunday—
you know Ellen’s place
up Bridge Road where Cobra Kev use’t live
God rest his soul—


back to Ellen’s for the scrape
and she was up on the rack in the hall
cleaner than I’d ever seen her.
Ellen got her for Christmas
said she’d rather not say from who—
she was taking off her jumper at that stage, anyway.


I lost it again after that.
Took a bad hiding off the Kylie brothers
Kinsale, the Friday of the Sevens last year.
Kieran took the hat, the cunt
and Seanie took my shoes.
I reckoned that would be the end of it.


Well, I went out to a play last night with Aisling Walsh
(Aisling’d be mad for the plays)
and some mincer had it on him up on stage,
tipped to the side like a ponce.


Had to stop the whole show.
Lost Aisling but I got my cap
you can be sure of that, boyeen.


But I started thinking then.
I was thinking the whole way home.
And d’ya know what I did when I got back?
D’ya know what I did when I got back last night?
I went out to Salthill
caught ahold a stone
a big blue fucker, only in off the tide
put it into the cap
tied her up with a bit of twine
and fucked her straight into the sea.


We’ll see how fast she gets back to me this time.
We’ll see how long it takes her now.


Bio: Daniel Galvin is a 22 year old writer from Co. Cork who lives in Galway. He has had his writing published in Hidden Channel Zine and is currently working towards his first poetry collection. He studies Writing at NUI Galway where his focus is on poetry.

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