On the Bag with Dan Joy

On the Bag with Dan Joy


Daniel Galvin

Met you on the last night of America—
you dived in our cab as we pulled away.


We went on the bag, some apartment block roof,
sun rising white and hot.
You showed me the goals you’d scored that day,
mimed the sweeping boots and turns.


The drugs sent us to the streets,
wandering anywhere, everywhere hopefully,
aimlessly through the Brooklyn dawn,
babbling, mental
my insane reflection in your spaceship eyes.


You called off work (you had a foreman job
ninety Mexicans under you for being a good full forward)
but had to improvise a ten-tonne concrete delivery on the phone,
passing the task to Guillermo
who would be waiting at the back gate.


Job done, we lay under the subway line
sipping hot booze from coffee cups
like the tramp I’d always fancied myself.
I pointed to a psychiatric hospital across the road,
you chirped two please!
We laughed in the same key.


Daniel Galvin is a 22 year old writer from Co. Cork who lives in Galway. He has had his writing published in Hidden Channel Zine and is currently working towards his first poetry collection. He studies Writing at NUIG where his focus is on poetry.

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