Great White Lies
Song of the Week 02/04/20
The Princess of Chaos is here… Arriving in an explosion of TripHop-alicious frenzy and hard rock zeal, she demands your full and immediate attention. Give it to her now or suffer the perilous cost… A frenetic feat in...

Save Your Soul
The Southern Fold
Song of the Week 24/11/19
A deep-fried serving of southern-gothic soul comes courtesy of Kilkenny alt-blues rocker The Southern Fold. Taken from their new album "Bible Fear"—soaked in smooth, plaintive harmonies and finger-lickin’ electrified country-blues picking—"Save Your Soul" is...

Song of the Week
A dark invitation to a waltz through the aching tunnels of the heart—with hip notes of Americana speakeasy swing and raucous gypsy jazz—Dreaming of the Eastern Clan by three-piece multi-instrumentalists cua is a perfect introduction to the deliciously syncretic approach...