gentry radio

Great White Lies
Song of the Week 02/04/20
The Princess of Chaos is here… Arriving in an explosion of TripHop-alicious frenzy and hard rock zeal, she demands your full and immediate attention. Give it to her now or suffer the perilous cost… A frenetic feat in...

Save Your Soul
The Southern Fold
Song of the Week 24/11/19
A deep-fried serving of southern-gothic soul comes courtesy of Kilkenny alt-blues rocker The Southern Fold. Taken from their new album "Bible Fear"—soaked in smooth, plaintive harmonies and finger-lickin’ electrified country-blues picking—"Save Your Soul" is...

Song of the Week
A dark invitation to a waltz through the aching tunnels of the heart—with hip notes of Americana speakeasy swing and raucous gypsy jazz—Dreaming of the Eastern Clan by three-piece multi-instrumentalists cua is a perfect introduction to the deliciously syncretic approach...

Talk Radio Podcast
The Lat Late Show Presents
The Lat Late Show takes the form of a series of shortwave radio transmission sent across the astral planes from a home Pole (dimension) known as “The Monkey Room Behind the Closet”. These transmissions are segmented radio...

Radio Play
Green Ember Arts
The play tells the story of a young Ballymun woman, Joanne Boland, and her relationship with her community, family, and her struggle with the bureacracy above her. The play is inspired by the tragic death of Rachel Peavoy, who froze...