Mark Hoskins
A lot of dedicated, principled socialists ran in both the European and local elections in Ireland, many of whom I know personally. There’s a tendency for electoral socialists to take personally criticism of electoralism from anarchists who have been comrades on campaigns,...

Patricia Walsh
Vomiting against the wind, hungover sacrosanct, presenting itself through a badge of honour, traipsing through the streets, a homely sight, more surprises championed against growing up sympathised through another disposition. . This goodly act, slighting for better entertainment, what happens upstairs stays there, coffee aside, working through swathes of imperfect...

Zack Breslin
With the UK about to vote in elections for the European parliament, it is fair to say its politics have become increasingly strange. The country is stuck in a weird pre-Brexit twilight zone, with its ruling class too proud to admit that...

Serial Fiction
Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder
Chapter Three Bernie Falchuk was fast asleep behind his desk at the CarLowDen Animal Control Department when he received the call about the possible 10-91L, animal attack, at the abandoned CarLowDen Golf Course. He had been sleeping off...

Lourdes Vega
I was found hospice. Force fed opiate and emptied of emotion
I coaxed catatonia, seducing it with my innate vulnerability.
I called the easiest escapade and he answered.
Man deserving nothing less than a bullet between the eyes, but somehow managing much...

Peter O'Neill
For the purpose of perspective, I should like to carry out a short comparative study of two poems treating the subject of the sea. The first poem I should like to focus on is the great sonnet by Charles Baudelaire L’Homme et...