Kevin Higgins
In memoriam Tin Man Ó’Tuathail esteemed literary critic & political commentator . You weren’t, like others, born of Babycham and contraceptive malfunction but emerged fully realised —someone else’s brilliant idea— during an editorial conference of a magazine that went on to be important; your hands clean as mild green Fairy...

Serial Fiction
Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder
Chapter Six We didn’t know it then but a whole world of nightmares was about to be unleashed on our small town of CarLowDen. When I opened my eyes lying on the cot in the police station holding...

Zack Breslin
We are now a little over a week out from the general election in the UK. The smart money is still on a Tory victory and an outright majority with which Boris Johnson can pursue his hard Brexit agenda and perpetuate the...

Short Fiction
Scott J. Moses
Ezekiel stared over the stillness of the Mexican desert, gun smoke and smelted-iron thick on the cool air. He pressed himself against the dilapidated boards of the shanty and looked to his uncle, who crouched, revolver drawn, peaking around the...

Lickspittle Scumsquirter
We, the Scum Gentry with our imaginary top hats and canes and our supercilious sneers as we swagger down imaginary cobble-stoned streets, spitting on the rich who line the sidewalks in dumb-struck awe. . Resplendent in our morning coats with tails a-flutter and knee-high boots good for stomping heads in the...

Save Your Soul
The Southern Fold
Song of the Week 24/11/19
A deep-fried serving of southern-gothic soul comes courtesy of Kilkenny alt-blues rocker The Southern Fold. Taken from their new album "Bible Fear"—soaked in smooth, plaintive harmonies and finger-lickin’ electrified country-blues picking—"Save Your Soul" is...