Author: Director

Peter Marra
There is always beauty in the hissing sounds. The alternating camera speeds reveal a long-lashed woman; touching experimental films, she has a forceful birth to destroy Hollywood a local documentary, a psychodrama, and a spectacle of piano crashes— so dramatic in the cinema on King’s Highway in Brooklyn three prostitutes wear clear...

Finbarr Geraghty
Picture this. Dublin City, mid-naughties. A Celtic Tiger tamed of its nascent hubris by Global uncertainty is finding its stride once more—a more mature beast, seasoned but still vital, its best days—and wildest nights—most certainly still ahead. In this heady, glitzy urban fanfare,...

Short Film
Rubber Cripple
A visual meditation on change and rebirth.After many years of struggling within a body and a gender that felt like a prison, Eleanor took the decision to pull free, come into the light, and face the world....

Short Fiction
Jim Meirose
First dog growing up, then long time, no; then cat growing up, then long time, no; then rat mouse mole hog hippo rhino growing up, same way but, still quite improper, still long time, no. Flora thought there would never be...

Radio Play
Green Ember Arts
The play tells the story of a young Ballymun woman, Joanne Boland, and her relationship with her community, family, and her struggle with the bureacracy above her. The play is inspired by the tragic death of Rachel Peavoy, who froze...

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
I had expensive clothes. My cufflinks were worth more than your yearly salary. Meanwhile, roaches crawled around his clothes kept in a cheap garbage bag. There were no cufflinks there, no fancy dress shirt or any type of long sleeve shirt inside the bag. I had a jacket there...