Author: Director

Short Fiction
Rory Dwayne
Why does it feel I’ve lived this night before? Mike thought as he guided the bus down the road. Sometimes it feels that a night can go on forever. Even as the new day dawns, you find your mind slip back into...

Patricia Walsh
Vomiting against the wind, hungover sacrosanct, presenting itself through a badge of honour, traipsing through the streets, a homely sight, more surprises championed against growing up sympathised through another disposition. . This goodly act, slighting for better entertainment, what happens upstairs stays there, coffee aside, working through swathes of imperfect...

Serial Fiction
Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder
Chapter Three Bernie Falchuk was fast asleep behind his desk at the CarLowDen Animal Control Department when he received the call about the possible 10-91L, animal attack, at the abandoned CarLowDen Golf Course. He had been sleeping off...

Lourdes Vega
I was found hospice. Force fed opiate and emptied of emotion
I coaxed catatonia, seducing it with my innate vulnerability.
I called the easiest escapade and he answered.
Man deserving nothing less than a bullet between the eyes, but somehow managing much...

Short Fiction
David King
You get a preview of what’s to come. If you were alone, you’d be sitting in a tiny little Housing Commission flat in the Park Street towers South Melbourne looking down over the street with some race caller gunning for vocal...