Three Poems

Three Poems


Alisa Velaj







Etude 1


On the Carnival Day,

People walk through the city

In the company of a Peacock.


Beings of various kinds,

Their minds blissful,

Their faces cheerful

With Peacock Colours.


Etude 2


Stepping on the Peacock Tail,

The Child becomes a little Gypsy.


Drums and trinkets

Are His world.


Etude 3


Three Peacock Tails

Scattered on the wind.


The Child, the Crowd and the Peacock

Change into a single MAN.



English translation by Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj






I again pray after silence and stay silent after prayer.
The lily of my dreams has long fled the white colour.
The white of snows, the white of petals…and even
the white of eggs.
The raven, blacker than death, haunts the lily,
fading away on the wings of storms.


English translation by Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj





You say you disdain romantic affairs, my friend,

At a time that the cuckoo’s song

Frightens you so much at winter nights,

Making you hide your dreams

From her echoes.


There are pincers that look like Stymphalian Birds.

That song, my darling,

Catches you, holds you tight

Like midnight dreams,

When misdoubts beat

Against the walls of curiosity,

As if they were bats.


Void of all romanticism, they beat and beat

Against your sparrow-like curiosity…


English translation by Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj



Bio Alisa Velaj was born in 1982 in Albania. She has been shortlisted for the Erbacce-Press Poetry Award in 2014. Her works have appeared in more than eighty print and online international magazines. Her poetry collection, With No Sweat At All, will be published by Cervana Barva Press in 2019.

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