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Kurt Newton
ROBERT lies behind leaves and grass.
I drive by on my way to work and offer a glance.
ROBERT lies beyond the pavement’s edge,
at the foot of a stone outcropping—
a natural shelter from the rain.
It used to be I’d wonder who ROBERT was
and who put ROBERT there.
Someone who needed not to forget?
Someone special? Someone caring?
I used to wonder what unfortunate event
led that special someone to care enough
to put ROBERT where everyone could see.
But ROBERT now lies behind leaves and grass,
buried for four seasons now without a hand
to clear the mess the roadside can collect.
I wonder less about ROBERT now
and more about that ...
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An Important Message from the Scum Gentry

An Important Message from the Scum Gentry

Dear Patrons of The Scum Gentry Subversive Propaganda Machine, please allow me—your hunched editor-in-chief behind the scenes—to be myself for a change and disperse of the usual whimsical and hallucinatory playacting fare that has up until now characterized most of our editorials sent directly to your minds’ eyes and ears and inboxes. Those of you with more than a passing interest in this thing will have no doubt been aware of our sudden and unannounced (though not wholly uncharacteristic, it pains me to concede) absence from your screens for some time now. Indeed, for weeks I have been struggling with dragging myself to the desk and sitting down to explain myself—my failure to face even this most miniscule of ...
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When She Awoke...

When She Awoke…

Short Fiction
Peter Tammer
When she awoke that bright and sparkling morning Beauty knew it was D-Day. She was in the foulest of moods. She wanted to scream. She wanted to swear. She had never sworn in her life before this day and now she let it out, full voice, she didn’t care if he heard her, she knew he would hear her,
There you are, she said, I’ve done it. I’ve sworn. My life will never be the same again. Today is the last day I’ll spend in this fucking palace where everything is simply marvellous day after day and every day is just the same as the day before, okay, new tricks, new clothes, new meals, but ...
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Hate, Reborn: The 21st Century Racist

Hate, Reborn: The 21st Century Racist

Jeremiah Espinoza
In South Houston, Texas, there is a snow cone stand about a fourth of a mile from the apartment complex I spent my early childhood. Since it, the corner taqueria, and a McDonald’s were the only three spots within walking distance, my cousins and I frequented the Snow Hut pretty often. It was where we could get a cheap treat during the summer using only couch change. It was where I learned that I loved grape as an artificial flavour. It was also where I was called a beaner for the first time.
I didn’t know what that word meant. I was five years old. South Houston was, and is still to this day, a largely latinx ...
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Tin Man’s Lament

Tin Man’s Lament

Kevin Higgins
In memoriam Tin Man Ó’Tuathail esteemed
literary critic & political commentator

You weren’t, like others, born
of Babycham and contraceptive malfunction
but emerged fully realised
—someone else’s brilliant idea—
during an editorial conference
of a magazine that went on to be
important; your hands clean
as mild green Fairy Liquid.
Your intellect keen
as the Leaving Cert exam
in which you gave exactly
the answers they wanted in precisely
the accent they were looking for ...
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Dumpster RabbittZ – Part Six

Dumpster RabbittZ – Part Six

Serial Fiction
Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder
Chapter Six
We didn’t know it then but a whole world of nightmares was about to be unleashed on our small town of CarLowDen.
When I opened my eyes lying on the cot in the police station holding cell, I noticed the streetlamps outside casting in through the barred window to my left. My head ached like the worst hangover in human history. I know about hangovers. So trust me, when John Friend says he’s had a few, more than a few, you believe him. I was a writer, or would be anyway. You know what they say about us writers, we never turn down a drink.
Trying to sit up was ...
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The Occupation

The Occupation

John Sweet
have to leave have to get back
home to the husband
to the wife
to the children
but it’s tough to stop drowning
it’s tough to put the needle down
pump that shit into your blood
let that body violate your own
just one last time and
then say it again
let the sky be the
color of luminous dust
let every house
be deserted and silent
these are the streets and
this is the town ...
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Corbyn Versus Capitalism

Corbyn Versus Capitalism

Zack Breslin
We are now a little over a week out from the general election in the UK. The smart money is still on a Tory victory and an outright majority with which Boris Johnson can pursue his hard Brexit agenda and perpetuate the dominance of the wealthy elite over the rest of society. But nothing is certain. The high levels of voter registration amongst young people raises the possibility that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party gains enough votes to gain power, perhaps relying on the support of the SNP. Indeed, it has been argued that some polls show that the UK is “a normal-sized polling error away from a Labour government”. Were that to happen subsequent events would amount ...
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