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Good News Comrades! The Scum Gentry is now Under New Management

Good News Comrades! The Scum Gentry is now Under New Management

Hank Lincoln
Howdy pardners! It’s your new Chief Editor of “Scum Gentry”, Hank Lincoln! As last editor explain, there will be some changes to website from now on, but first let me introduce myself so you know you can continue to trust us and only us for all alternative news source ok?
Me? I’m just a proud Jesus-loving all-American boy, love baseball, mom’s cooking, and American Idol. I believe in freedom and you can take my guns from my cold dead hands if you want “em”. (Whose with me??? Second Amendment am I right guys? LOL seriously though rise up.)
That’s right, website will be a little different now but I can assure you can still find favourite alternative ...
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Dispatched like a Turgid Stool

Dispatched like a Turgid Stool

Peter O’Neill
Desperate pilgrims can seek out, and possibly
Find, comfort in the most unlikely places.
A sick or dying woman, or man, might
Find, possibly, a sign say in a public toilet.
For example, they might find harbour there
From the great hinterland of the altogether unfamiliar.
A tile, or a piece of porcelain,
Harvested in the mind in the place of a vigil.
The utterly demonic, these days, being most possibly
The utterly unknowable, rather than any
Dantesque figure. The ambiguity ...
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Inequality in a Pandemic

Inequality in a Pandemic

Zack Breslin
There’s a new cliché in town; pandemics are “great equalisers” apparently. The sentiment has been expressed by a diverse range of public figures, from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to economist and inequality expert Branko Milanović. Even pop-singer Madonna got in on the act, posting a video of herself in a bath telling fans that the coronavirus is “the great equaliser”. In some ways, Madonna is right. Once the Covid-19 virus infects you it cares not for your race, nationality or gender. Nor does it worry whether you are a millionaire, billionaire or on minimum wage. Even the Prime Minister of the UK found himself in intensive care this week; a timely reminder that once it infects ...
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Dumpster RabbittZ – Part Seven

Dumpster RabbittZ – Part Seven

Serial Fiction
Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder
Chapter Seven
Detective Moxley had seen the blood and carnage on Main and Cascade. The eye witnesses, those who were still alive said that they saw what looked like rabbit monsters. They described the attackers as looking like humans but with freakish rabbit features, glowing red eyes and long razor-sharp teeth. One witness even said he saw a cotton tail protruding from the back of one uniformed attacker.
“Uniform?” Moxley had asked one witness in a dingy apartment on Cascade Ave.
“Yeah, there were two of them both dressed in animal control uniforms. They seemed not to like each other because they fought for a bit and then scattered down the ...
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For You I Died, my Lover

For You I Died, my Lover

Natasha Helen Crudden
For you I died, my lover
For you
I tore sons from their fathers
Daughters from the womb
For you I fought
The only thing worth fighting for
Here I am
The fire in your veins
The spark in your ignition
When you are in discomfort
Under duress
There I stood
In rank with my comrades
Awaiting the day
You could live
For the sacrifice we made
For you I failed
Building glass cages
For you I died in office blocks
As you pondered
How we lived before the internet
How is this progress, my lover?
How can we ever move forward from this? ...
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Martin Appleby
I used to be super into
the movement
tracked down every movie
either on DVD
or pirated rips
whatever I could
get my hands on
I loved the DIY ethos
the rawness
the realness
I related to the characters
the slackers
the losers
the social awkwardness
the stunted dialogue
and those movies
and that style
the characters
and themes
have informed
a lot of my adult life
and the choices
that I have made
whether consciously
or subconsciously
I have lived it ...
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Princess of Chaos

Princess of Chaos

Great White Lies
Song of the Week 02/04/20
The Princess of Chaos is here… Arriving in an explosion of TripHop-alicious frenzy and hard rock zeal, she demands your full and immediate attention. Give it to her now or suffer the perilous cost…
A frenetic feat in multi-genre mashup with a Zappa-esque post-jazz twist, “Princess of Chaos” by Great White Lies is this week’s Scum Gentry Radio song of the week (which happens every week. Literally every single week…this week, last week, all those other weeks. Remember? That’s right, The Song of the Week, which this week happens to be on the SECOND of April…which is today. April 2nd Day.)
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Nothing Lives Long

Nothing Lives Long

Short Fiction
Benny Carr
The old guard sit on benches at the back of the room rocking back and forth like warped old grandfather clocks as they neck pints of whiskey and blast off to distant planes. The young mohawks buck like wild horses on the dancefloor as the synth thumps, the guitar screams, and the machine-gun bassline makes mincemeat of the whole tribe. The singer emerges through the haze of smoke in a priest’s collar, blessing the crowd with a toilet brush as he growls:
There’s a hill lone and grey
In a land far away
In a country beyond the blue sea

I’m down the back with the veterans, watching the walls fall apart, as they crawl around ...
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