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Coalition of The Disappointed

Coalition of The Disappointed

Kevin Higgins
We the undersigned wish to register
with you, the good people of the internet,
our disappointment
that our one time mentor-therapist-guru
with whom we have fallen
totally out of love,
appears to be dying
more slowly
than we the undersigned
would like. Unmentionable now in the company
women of our status aspire to keep—
he once put ...
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Dancing Through the Flame

Dancing Through the Flame

J.D. Casey
wasting away with the day
inhibitions set free
with the night you said you’d let me know
when the time
was right but now you’re gone and I
feel invisible here
cold & alone simultaneously dead alive
with all the other
corpses dancing through the flame
feeding myself
dirty lies talking to the head
of the heathen
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Britain's Meanest Toughs: Terry Sleach

Britain’s Meanest Toughs: Terry Sleach

Brip Spears
As the host of “Extreme Wilderness Survival Affront with Brip Spears” as well as “Brip Spears: South American Death Life” and “Introducing: Brip Spears – Explorer Extraordinaire presents”, I’ve faced some of the toughest and most unforgiving climes on the planet. I’ve scaled the peaks of Mount Jillibonzaro (where I was forced to extract nutrition from pearls ...
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The Quaker

The Quaker

Short Fiction
Rory Dwayne
Why does it feel I’ve lived this night before? Mike thought as he guided the bus down the road.
Sometimes it feels that a night can go on forever. Even as the new day dawns, you find your mind slip back into the twilight, who’s to say we all don’t exist in an eternal loop? Some ...
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Fitzy ...
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Where Ideas Go To Die

Where Ideas Go To Die

Mark Hoskins
A lot of dedicated, principled socialists ran in both the European and local elections in Ireland, many of whom I know personally. There’s a tendency for electoral socialists to take personally criticism of electoralism from anarchists who have been comrades on campaigns, but we aren’t saying you’re terrible because you run in elections; we’re saying you’re better ...
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