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Freddie The Hamster Revisited

Freddie The Hamster Revisited

Michael P. Lefanto
They’re gonna leave me laying in my body waste
diapered in bed.
Waiting for the loser of the, no it’s your turn
I did it the last time argument, to come upstairs
and change me.
No doubt
I’ll end up begging them,
to let me please sell the house
find a cheap nursing home nearby.
Dancing around the obvious reasons.
Use the argument.
I don’t wanna be a burden
They have their own lives
to worry about now
And they’ll smile those
twenty-three hundred dollar
straight teeth smiles of theirs,
insisting they love me I’m their dad.
and won’t hear of such nonsense ...
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Eagle vs. Tiger: The Economic Undercurrents in America’s Trade War with China

Eagle vs. Tiger: The Economic Undercurrents in America’s Trade War with China

Jonathan Dinsmore
Is America’s trade war with China due to their communism, or is there a subtler economic motive, involving differences of opinion about capitalism and it’s relationship to the state? Why is China doing so well economically, and why does the capitalist West see this as a threat? Is it merely because arrogant Americans don’t want to be outdone, or is there something more to the plot? The story of modern history is, among other things, a story of economic models. The gradual transition of much of the world from tyranny to democracy and capitalism around the time of the enlightenment opened a variety of possibilities, and of course, the communist opposition. Mostly, these possibilities revolved around the ...
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Bonswa, Saint-Jean

Bonswa, Saint-Jean

Short Fiction
Patrick Karl Curley
Staring out the window, Sebastian saw the brash, orange sun of early morning set fire to the tails of trailing clouds. He saw three quarrelling grackles swirling downward to the scorched ground; the tortured, singed grass; the ragged reeds and flies and crow feathers caught on tangles of rusty, broken barbed wire which came away from a fence-post and down in a fractured spiral to the cracked soil. It had been dry for several weeks, but it would surely rain today.
An arabesque of emotion uncurled inside him when he thought of that delicate, happy face and those smiling, azure eyes. The scent of her skin was still upon him. He wanted to thank her ...
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Coping Skills

Coping Skills

Matthew Borczon
My special
needs son
is laughed
at and bullied
in school
because when
he gets
upset he
either explodes
into curses
and anger
or he
cries displaying
what his
therapist calls
his emotional
real age
the other
kids find
either response
hilarious and
a distraction
from their
school day
so they
push his
buttons until
the show
begins ...
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Germany: Liberal Democracy is Rotting from its Core

Germany: Liberal Democracy is Rotting from its Core

Matthew D. Rose
Most German establishment political parties have turned away from striving for a better society. In recent decades they have become profit-oriented service companies in a billion euro industry: selling laws, permits, public contracts, even protection, as we are seeing in the case of Volkswagen’s diesel defeat device, to the highest bidder. These parties have sold their autonomy and become a consolidated committee to manage the affairs of corporations and the wealthy ...
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Pigskin Pockets

Pigskin Pockets

Rubber Cripple
Underground auteur Rubber Cripple returns to Scum Gentry TV with an experimental documentary on the fetishistic drives and compulsions of unconventional sexuality. Expect graphic content throughout this mesmerizing—and frequently symbolic—foray through the pulsing heart of sexual nonconformism ...
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Reichstag Upon Thames

Reichstag Upon Thames

Laura Nelson
Comparisons between the Trump regime and Hitler’s Third Reich have become commonplace and invidious. While it is undeniable that there are similarities between their ideology and propaganda techniques (Lügenpresse = “Lying Press” = “Fake News”), it is rash to go further and declare an equivalence. The political philosopher Leo Strauss noticed and formulated the “Argumentum ad Hitlerum” and described it as a cue that the argument has gone awry. Still, disturbing parallels remain disturbing. But it came as a surprise last week that Boris Johnson, the current fanatically pro-Brexit British Prime Minister, has beaten Darth Realtor to the punch in the would-be autocrat contest ...
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The Ghosts

The Ghosts

Mark McConville
I am stepping out of this chaotic room
Struggling to breathe in fresh air
My smoked out lungs like raging bulls
Probably red and pulsating like hearts.
The town looks unfamiliar
They’ve changed the billboards
And the café I used to drink coffee in
Shuttered over, and derelict,
I am saddened by it all
The thin line between greatness and
This town has been brutally masked by food chains
And hopelessness.
I observe all these destructive would be warriors
Wielding bottles and their tortured minds
High on adrenaline and sick to their stomachs
Of falling by the wayside.
I manage to walk steadily
Recurring dreams bubbling inside in my head
The pavements are ...
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