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Escape from Letterkenny - punk film by Nartystation


Escape from Letterkenny - punk film by Nartystation


Feature Length




Escape From Letterkenny is a zero-budget punk video film from Nartystation.


“In every small town, there are gangs. This is the story of one such gang: The SHAMS. There’s also a metal-head and a pile of supernatural shite too. And a pure class car. And a few dolls. Can’t be forgettin’ the Dolls.”

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Toinen - The Other - Short Film by Lumekohina


Toinen - The Other by Lumekohina


Short Film




“How many parts can be taken away before we can talk about change? About us becoming the other.”

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Pigeon - Short Film by Luca Milillo


Pigeon by Luca Milillo


Short Film


Luca Milillo


A visual representation of life in a day through metaphorical imagery.

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Slimz O'Driscoll's Wine for Breakfast episode 3 Nature


Slimz O'Driscoll's Wine for Breakfast




The Scum Gentry


“Slimz O’Driscoll’s Wine for Breakfast” is a daytime TV talk-show celebrating fine food, fine company and fine, fine wine. The brainchild of eponymous show-runner Slimz O’Driscoll, the show celebrates high culture without forgoing the lows of a lifestyle that lead to drinking at the breakfast table. Although notably and mysteriously absent at the show’s opening, Slimz’ presence is felt in every moment as long-suffering host Brian Manderlay struggles to keep his head in the face of the chaos and derangement that threatens to derail his attempts...

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