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ENNUI by Craig Podmore


ENNUI by Craig Podmore


Short Film


Craig Podmore


ENNUI is an experimental short film that explores the inner depths of the feeling of ENNUI or, to put it simply, existential dread. The film channels the sensation of ENNUI through raw, nightmarish and transgressive imagery.


Craig Podmore is a writer and filmmaker from Manchester, UK.

erbacce-Press published his first chapbook, I Am a Gun in 2009 and his second short collection entitled The Abattoir Heavens and The Holy Ghost back in mid 2010. He also has many full-length poetry collections under his belt… Love Notes From A Soldier’s Diary (NeoPoiesis Press), The Hell in Me, the Hell in You (Oneiros Books), DO NOT CENSOR (Oneiros Books), an autopsy of the spleen (chapbook published by Bone Orchard Press), Entropic Elegies (Lapwing Publications), Pornocopia (Oneiros Books)and most recently, AMPHITHEATRE Or The Anatomy of Nowhere (Dynatox Ministries). Craig has also had the delight of having his debut novel published, The Origin of Manias (Oneiros Books).

He also ventures into self-publishing, his personal publishing platform, ‘Antiseptic Press’, thus far, he’s published his menacing poetry collection, Toilet Mouth and his latest despairingly romantic/melancholic tome, In The Wake of Love. Craig’s scathing poetry and prose targets the absurdity of the modern man whilst also examining the superfluity of morality and other paradoxes in humanity. ‘Antiseptic Press/Productions’ is his own creative platform for his writing and filmmaking.

His material and excerpts have appeared in some wonderful and strange magazines such as Horror, Sleaze, Trash, Gutter Eloquence, Sugar Mule, Meat songs, 1/25, Paraphilia Magazine, Bone Orchard Poetry, A New Ulster, Instant Pussy and Unlikely Stories.

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