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ShamRocks Band Profile

ShamRocks -  Music Band Profile

 Celtic Punk, Stout Rock

ShamRocks are the founding fathers of Ukraine’s Celtic Punk movement and the originators of “Stout Rock”—a signature blend of Irish, Scottish, Breton, Finnish and other types of folk music with a variety of rock and metal styles.

The band combines traditional melodies played on the violin, mandolin, flute, and accordion with head-banging riffs that are both heavy and danceable at the same time. Original songs, folk tunes, sea shanties, Celtic punk classics and pub songs—ShamRocks can digest any tune to produce a crazy and unique sounding experience!

The five-man crew has been rocking the country and its neighbors since 2009, including as opening acts for internationally recognized bands such as Flatfoot56 (US), The Dreadnoughts (Canada), and Mr. Irish Bastard (Germany).

ShamRocks’ first album, “Captain’s Log”, was released on November 17, 2016. This quintessential introduction to the band’s earlier works was well received by the media; “Captain’s Log” was nominated for “album of the year” by Celtic-rock.de, and placed 4th on “Top Ten Folk/Traditional Releases” by the London Celtic Punks. Songs from the album featured on TK99, Irish Radio Canada, RBX Radio, and a number of online radio stations

The new EP, “Ye Olde Chariot”, was released on September 5, 2017. This record sets out to show just how much musical diversity ShamRocks can muster, from tranquil acoustic ballads to raging industrial metal and everything in between.

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