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As November concludes, the descent of winter is almost at its lowest apex. Helplessly, we watch as the Earth’s northern climes tilt and spin away from the light of the sun and make everything grey and cold and kind of Christmassy. Yeah, it’s that time of year again. And Scum Gentry Radio has an icy-cool and suitably surreal playlist to chime with the strangeness of your winter mood.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Soon it’ll be time to douse yourself in mulled wine and rub your little fingers together in anticipation of a boundless mountain of shiny, wrapped-up goodies. But for now, douse yourself in this: get fat and greedy on the Scum Gentry Radio November Playlist...

Featuring tracks from Mr. Vast, Leila Jane, Sophia Uddin, The Pox Men, ShamRocks, The Working Man, The Wok, Tuath. Listen now:



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