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Sophia uddin Music Band Profile


Sophia uddin Band Profile

 Avant Garde/Prog

Sophia Uddin is a violinist, violist, and composer based in Chicago, Illinois. She has a B.A. in Music from Swarthmore College, where she studied violin with Barbara Govatos of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and composition with Gerald Levinson.

Sophia currently plays with several bands, including The Gabriel Construct (avant prog), Folklear Nuclei (folk, bluegrass, world), Pavlov3 (prog), and the Middle East Music Ensemble (Middle Eastern). While her training is mainly in the Western classical tradition, she grew up enjoying music from opera to the Golden Age of Bollywood...



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Spudgun band profile


Spudgun Profile

 Psychedelic/Space Goo

Spudgun Music Band are from Space. They have been orbiting Dublin since the dawn of 2016 performing their tales of extravagant adventure throughout the galaxies in a eclectic fondue of music and theatre known by their species as Psychedelic Space Goo.

They performed over 25 shows in their first year on Earth with their shapeshifting family of musicians and actors, exploring numerous Dublin venues and wiggling the toes of many festival goers at Electric Picnic, Knockanstockan and Longitude as well as a collaborating with artist, Aoibhean Greenan in her Tiger Dublin Fringe show, “The Perfect Wegner Rite” in September...



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Stoisis - Folk, Punk Music Band Profile

Stoisis -  Music Band Profile


Stóisís are three old men, Ciaran McGinley, Púca Ryder, and Frank Murphy. They formed the band thirty years ago, and released “The Filthy Songs Of Our Fathers”, their first album, in May 2000. Recorded on an analogue 4-track device, it is best described as punk-folk. All the songs are written by Stóisís, and include such classics as the spaced out guitar instrumental “The Prophet" and the heart-rending ballad “Wandering gypsy”. Their exploits were later explored in a 6 episode animated series which can be viewed in its entirety here

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Tuath Band Profile


Tuath Band Profile


Tuath was formed in 2014 by Robert Mulhern who had been making music of all shapes and sizes for a long time, Robert learned all the instruments required to record and release his own music but got sick and fucking tired of not being able to find a viable singer, all prior projects failed to work for this reason.

One day Robert approached David Boland of New Pope/co-founder of Citog collective/record label/gig putter onner/Good thing to give him a gig even though all he had for the as-of-yet unnamed project was one half song that he had been writing and no band members...


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