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New Pope Profile

New Pope Profile


Not merely one of our favourite Irish songsmiths at the minute, but quite clearly one of the very—the most astute and consistently captivating—singer-songwriters around. This is beautiful, vital stuff.” (The Thin Air)

New Pope is a songwriter based in Galway, Ireland.

In the past year New Pope has played Electric Picnic, Whelan’s Ones To Watch and Hard Working Class Heroes, collaborated with acclaimed English author Tony White for the TULCA Festival of Visual Arts and has been featured on BBC’s Across The Line and RTE Radio 1’s Inside Culture...

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The Pox Men - Folk, Punk Music Band Profile

The Pox Men -  Music Band Profile


From the mists of the Irish bogs we come a wanderin’, carryin’ our guitars and shoutin’...we are the men of the Pox...

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Raggle Agus Taggle, Trad, Folk, Blues, Jazz Music Band Profile



We are Raggle agus Taggle, a trad, blues, folk and jazz two-piece from Donegal. We are Stephen Brehony and Ciarán Mac Giolla. Stephen plays fiddle, banjo and tin whistle. Ciarán plays guitar and sings. The band plays Irish language music written by Ciarán.

We’ve been playing together for 2 years now and are releasing our next EP in March 2017.

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