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Honest Jeremiah - Music Band Profile

Honest Jeremiah Profile

Alternative Rock

Honest Jeremiah is the brainchild of Dermot “Diamond” Carroll, Limerick-based singer-songwriter and mystic philosopher. In late 2016 Carroll recorded his first collection of songs at The Loft in South Tipperary, having put together a band of his old-time cohorts; Pancho Villa O’Shea (lead guitar, backing vocals), Shotgun Larry (rhythm guitar, keyboards), Laughing Paddy Egan (concertina), Flatnose Doolin (bass), and Rattlesnake Dick (drums). The subsequent album is called “Out of the Garden”. Mixed by the renowned composer Bart Graft...

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Leila Jane and the Healers - Roots, Folk, Blues, Rock n' Roll Music Band Profile

Leila Jane and the Healers Profile

 Rock n’ Roll

Leila Jane has been performing in the UK and Ireland for the last 5 years. After a performance at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2013, her voice was described as ‘’somewhere between Janis Joplin and Sandy Denny’’. Her passion for singing was very much inspired by her deep love for the Delta Blues, early Rock n’ Roll and all sorts of American Folk music.

Last year she travelled across America to further immerse herself in the infinitude of roots music there, and played in...

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