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The freshest and freakiest of free music sites--Scum Gentry Radio
An alternative avenue for music promotion. Join Scum Gentry Radio to promote your music distribution.

Would you like to have your band or music-project represented on Scum Gentry Radio?

Every month S.G. Radio puts out a playlist to our fans, onsite, on Facebook, and to our email-subscribers’ list so that your voice will always find new ears.

Our Band Profile Section gives you the opportunity to reach out to a very niche audience—perhaps just the one you’ve been looking for—to offer a taste of your best work to date and give them the opportunity to discover more of your creative output—to buy your records, and join your social media following.

If you’d like to join the Scum Gentry Radio Network, send an email to editor@the-scum-gentry-alternative-arts.com with your band name in the subject-field and a link (soundcloud/bandcamp etc.) to your music in the body-text. Joining is free and, if we like what you’re slinging, we’ll be in touch to help you take the next step.

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