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Mr. Vast Band Profile

Mr. Vast -  Music Band Profile

 Electronic, Psychedelic, Experimental

Once in a while an artist comes along who transcends the limits and boundaries of their chosen medium, creating work so outside of what rote culture has trained us to expect that the effect is utterly and delightfully trance-inducing. While the rest of us channel the Prime Creative Force of the Universe in powder or maybe pill form, these rare souls are apparently mainlining that stuff directly into their eyeballs.

Mr Vast is one such artist. From the “heart-warming absurdist whimsy, veering into extreme come-down hallucination” visuals of his music videos to his apparent intention to sample virtually every music genre of the past fifty years with more technical skill than anybody this whimsical has any right to claim, this chap is an artist who demands your attention, immediately. Like right bloody now. Do yourself a favour and have a listen.

“He’s a preacher, a screecher, an Archie Leacher. An artless dodger, a limelight hogger, a dead horse flogger. He’s the genial game-show host whose mind is toast. The quiz-master with all the wrong answers. The life coach on the National Express. The high-street shaman in the sequinned dress. This is his sweat lodge seminar, his powerpoint aberration, the shotgun in his shell suit, the seamonkey on his back. A burnt-out, blurted-out, beercan-touting carry-out cabaret.”

“A one man carnival combining music, stand up and other stuff... I aim to astound! ...to transport us to a different world and bring us back again a little happier!”

Henry Sargeant trained as an actor and “dark clown” before veering off into music as frontman of the legendary Wevie Stonder, dubbed by the BBC as “the Monty Python of electronic music”. They went on to record 5 albums and two Maida Vale sessions. Mr. Vast is his solo project and without the band he has heightened the theatrical/comedy elements to new bewilderingly ecstatic levels.

“Jesus, you’re not easy to describe, you know? Okay, let me think.. You’re like a Muppet version of a Philip K. Dick novel... A Mr. Vast gig is similar to that moment when you realise you’ve been secretly filmed by Derren Brown for the last six weeks... One of my mates thought you were well dodgy while the other insisted on paying you double for your CD!? ... How’s that?”
– John Higgs

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