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June has passed behind us and from its ashes Scum Gentry Radio has plucked a curious and illuminating collection of musical notes and tones—an easy-listening, smooth flowing mix, like ice swirling in a glass of cider or a fly gorging itself on an endless mountain of soft-serve ice-cream, the sun above forever in the sky. In the summer we are all like the fly, rubbing little legs together and watching the world from a million different eyes. In the summer, we are all like blocks of ice, floating in the comforting fizz of fermented apples and looking up at the giants above, in a state of incomprehensible rapture and surprise. Sit back and listen to the music, be the ice, be the fly, let the sun carry you like an old friend on the tired journey home...

The June mix features songs from Comrade Hat, Evil Hand, The Donegal Mafia, Sophia Uddin, New Pope, Tuath, Leila Jane, The Pox Men, The Working Man and Bart Graft. have a listen below:



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