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Dan Riley Band Profile

Dan Riley -  Music Band Profile

 Alternative Folk, Rock

Dan Riley is a Singer-Songwriter from Lancashire, England. He moved to Dresden, Germany early in 2014 and has spent time out on tour as well as recording both solo and with his band. He recently released his 2nd EP “Walk The Other Way” and performed four Release Party Shows, one in Czech Republic, Ireland, England and Germany. Influences span across many genres:

Anything that is soulful, lyrically driven and alternative in sound usually gets my attention and evokes some kind of reaction within me, but in recent years I’ve started to appreciate the skill that lies within writing great pop songs. I like so many different bands, artists, but to list them would offer nothing new. I’m a music lover before anything else.

Dan is currently in the process of booking some small tours beginning at the end of 2018 and going out alone as a Singer-Songwriter, but with the occasional full band show where possible. For booking enquiries and more information you can contact danrileybooking@gmail.com

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